The Green Cucumber is a vegetable from the pumpkin family. It is a star in Israeli cuisine, and It can be eaten alive or pickled. Relative to his low in calories, the Green Cucumber is full of essential nutritional values.
It contains essential minerals and rich in nutritional fiber, which helps the kidney, joints and blood pressure.
Thanks to the minerals and vitamins it contains, the cucumber known as a vegetable that cleanses and refreshes the skin and body. The cucumber recommended for people suffering from eczema, psoriasis, constipation and even teenagers suffering from acne.

Nutrition Facts (per 100 grams)

Calories (energy)   15 Cholesterol 0
Protein (grams)  0.65 Sodium 2
Carbohydrate 3.63 Vitamin A (mg) 5
Sugars 1.67 Vitamin B (mg) 0.464
Fat    0.11 Vitamin b1 (mg) 0.027
Saturated fat 0.037 Vitamin b2 (mg) 0.033
Dietary fiber 0.5 Vitamin b3 (mg) 0.098
Water 95.52 Vitamin b5 (mg) 0.256


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