The yellow cherry tomato is one of the most distinctive crops characterized by their bright yellow color and deep flavor. The color of the cherry tomato is due to its thin yellow rind and is an excellent source of vitamins C, K, B6 and vitamin B12 so much needed for the body.

Cherry tomato, is a product of Israeli development that became famous all over the world, thanks to its sweet taste and ability to transform any dish into colorful and nutritious work of art.

Nutrition Facts (per 100 grams)

Calories (energy)   18 Cholesterol 0
Protein (grams)  0.88 Sodium 5
Carbohydrate 3.92 Vitamin B (mg) 0.834
Sugars 2.63 Vitamin b1 (mg) 0.037
Fat 0.2 Vitamin b2 (mg) 0.019
Saturated fat 0.028 Vitamin b3 (mg) 0.594
Dietary fiber 1.2 Vitamin A (mg) 42
Water 94.5 Lycopene 2.573


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