The red chili pepper is very spicy and slightly sweet. It’s considered more delicate and fleshier than the spicy green pepper.
Its bright red color indicates the inventions of lycopene, an extremely essential and high-quality antioxidant. The lycopene had many health benefits such as protection and assistance for anti-cancer procedures, lowering and balancing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and even helping with ocular health and vision improvement.
Eating spicy foods such as chili pepper streamlines the body’s metabolic process by about 20%, helping to reduce weight and cleanse systems.
The chili pepper is rich in vitamins. among its highest nutritional values, you can find an impressive value of calcium, magnesium, zinc, and a variety of vitamins from B, C, K folic acid, alpha-linolenic (omega 3), and oleic fatty acid (omega 9).

Nutrition Facts (per 100 grams)

Calories (energy) 40 Water 88
Protein (grams) 1.87 Vitamin A (mg) 48
Carbohydrate (grams) 8.81 Vitamin B (mg) 2.132
Sugars 5.3 Vitamin b1 (mg) 0.072
Fat 0.44 Vitamin b2 (mg) 0.086
Saturated fat (grams) 0.042 Vitamin b3 (mg) 1.244
Dietary fiber 1.5 Vitamin b5 (mg) 0.201


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