Bechor Family

The Bechor family is one of the first five families that chose to live in Beit Gan – a small village in the Lower Galilee, founded in 1903 by the Baron Rothschild.

At first, David and Rosa Bechor (the Founder’s Generation of the family) lived in a tent encampment in Beit Jann with all the other settlers. In 1910 all the Yavne’el settlers had moved to their permanent houses. In the same year, the family also became farmers. Their devotion to the vision of their own farm, led them to plant themselves in the Galilee land for generations to come.

The Bechor family coped with a lot of challenges and difficulties since the farm inception. They dealt with the forces of nature, the rule of the Turks that took place in the country during that time, the British rule, and many more challenges. Their dedication and love to the land helped them to survive anything , and they Continue to cultivate the farm with passion and love to this very day.

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Attached to the ground since 1910

‘Meshek Bechor’ is a family farm, established in 1910 by David and Rosa Bechor, during the early days of the Beit Gan village in the Galilee.

Since the family arrived in Beit Gan, they began to cultivate the soil. As the days past, they learned a lot about green herbs and vegetables. They became experts, so they started to develop a variety of new and tasty greens.

Now for over a hundred years, the fourth generation of the family is keeping the tradition of the Galilean agriculture.

At the first-morning dew, with a lot of love, they pick the greens from the field. And then, without any process that can harm their taste, freshness or their nutrition values, they hurry to send the greens to markets all over the country.

Meshek Bechor is proud to be a part of Israeli agriculture and they hope their greens will bring all the love directly from their field to your plate.

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The Farms

The Bechor family has a few farms.
We are growing our greens at Alumot,Yavne’el valley, and at the Golan Heights. In all our farms we cultivate a variety of crops. Our Orchard products are marketed in Israel and abroad. our greens were developed across many years, and we are very proud of their good taste and their success all over the world.

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What's New?

A new vegetable? A new store that sells tasty healthy greens? you are very welcome to click and check out all our new invention in the field of vegetable and greens!
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Our crops

Since Meshek Bechor’s establishment, the family has acquired a great deal of knowledge and experience in developing delicious and new varieties of greens.
The greens are divided into four main categories:
Herbs – A variety of spices and herbs rich in taste and aroma such as chives, rosemary, basil, thyme, tarragon, and oregano.
lettuce – Plenty of varieties and types of fresh lettuce – Caesar Hearts, Curly lettuce, Round lettuce, Iceberg lettuce and more. ‘Meshek Bechor’ is constantly engaged in the development of new varieties.
Vegetables – ‘Meshek Bechor’ specialize in All types of fresh vegetable leaves – parsley, coriander, dill, mint and more.
Our specials – the Bechor family focus on growing new and lesser-known green such as Kyle, New Zealand spinach and more, to enrich the culinary experience for the customers.

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Health matters!

The crops of ‘Meshek Bechor’ meets stringent quality standards from the growing stage to the packaging stage.
We conduct bacterial testing and test the presence of harmful substances regularly. We execute quality tests during every stage, from growing in the field to selling points. We want to make sure that we bring you the freshest, cleanest and most delicious products every time.

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